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The concept of a Doference came out of attending another round of traditional conferences that gave no time or space for the good thinking and reflection needed to do good doing.

Our vision is that each Doference will support people to be their best possible selves and love what they do whether in work or life (and hopefully both). Whether you are a freelancer, working in an organisation, or working out what to do, our space will welcome you.

We will strive to keep our costs low so price isn't an issue and you will not see 'expert' speakers, just a range of good people with good things to share. 

We hope to create something that people really value, enjoy and thank themselves for attending. We hope you will be one of those people. 


Each Doference will have a general theme which works to provide people with a loose framework for their thinking, but in a way that inspires rather than constrains. 

Each theme will work to help people to improve their work and ultimately their organisations or business. 

Example Day

A Doference takes place between 9.30am and 4.30pm and happens in three sessions;

Session One: An amazing selection of short, punchy 'speaker slots' or as we call them, 'sharer slots'. Our 'sharers' will come and share their stories and experience of the theme to help inspire and spark fresh thinking and curiosity. We aim to get a diverse range of voices and experiences and will continue to seek to be diverse and inclusive. 

Session Two: An unconference style section where we share our questions (on a question wall) and then 'vote' for the questions we want to discuss in smaller groups. Don't worry if your questions isn't selected, session three will support everyone to be heard and get their questions answered. 

Session Three: Starts with group discussions around our fresh thinking, and outstanding thoughts and questions. We then have time to  reflect alone, or collaboratively, to create intentional, personal road-maps that capture how the day has shaped your practice and where you want to take it next. 

We like to keep the Doference 'intimate' so we aim to only have around 30-40 spaces available. We also build in lots of time for talking and getting to know each other.


Space & Comfort

We will always try to use community or creative spaces for our events. We believe different environments lead to different experiences and therefore more diversity of thought. We will always provide tea, coffee, water and snacks but please bring your own lunch or there will be plenty of time to pop and get some in our lunch break. 


If you have any individual requirements that we need to be considerate of please let us know.
We want everyone to feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. 

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